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I have a very creative side and went to school for business but with an art minor. My plan was to become a Visual Merchandiser and be in charge of the Windows for Macy's in NYC. Big Dreams! I quickly learned that the creative side of the industry was not very lucrative and my boss and mentor at the time encouraged me to step into management. I did not like this idea, it sounded boring, and soul-crushing, however, at the time I had big financial dreams and took the leap into the exciting world of Retail Management. Because I had this amazing mentor, to support me, encourage me, and believe in me, I went into this new journey with a positive attitude and embraced it.
I embraced it so much that I kept getting promoted, and stayed in the industry for over 10 years. I worked for several amazing companies, met amazing people, and learned so much about customer service, communication, presentation, and yes mentoring. I moved out of management into an outside sales position with a designer eyewear company, this was my dream job. I was working with amazing brands, helping accounts grow their businesses, and I was working from a home office and traveling to my accounts. At this time I was married and had my son Gavin who was 4 and my daughter Gianna was just born. Life was perfect!
Dream job, Making money, married, owning our home, and 2 kids it was perfect.
And then a Chapter in my life was written for me that I never wanted in there. My marriage failed. I found myself not being able to get out of bed or if I got out of bed, I'd go to my account and sit out front and not go in. I felt like I was walking around in clouds and I was trying hard to do my job, but it's like the harder I tried the more I failed. In addition to that, I was losing my health benefits. An opportunity was presented to me, 9-5, Monday - Friday, health benefits, and a weekly paycheck. Great right? The pay was half of what I was making and the job was behind a desk, with no contact with people.
Well, I took it, because the biggest issue at that moment was my emotional well-being, I couldn't really give any energy to anything beyond my children and myself through this process. Here's where the Hustle starts in this journey for me, now I'm making half the income and I have a house to pay for. I cashed out my retirement, I even had my best friend and her kids live with me for a year. We are still best friends, but it was rocky lol That helped me the first year to stay in my home, which was important to me because my kids verbally would tell me how they didn't want to move. So being a mom and rocking the mom guilt, fueled my fire!
But, I am now in the deepest, darkest place in my life financially and I really don't know what I'm going to do. Then, I'm at football practice with my son and Cheer practice for my daughter and I run into a friend from church. She asks me, how are you doing? Honestly, I would normally say I'm good, even though I wasn't, but that day I was honest, I said I am in the deepest, darkest place right now, not really sure what I'm gonna do. She throws this pamphlet at me, it's for "one of those parties" you know the ones! I was like, what is this? ( a little mortified if I'm honest LOL) She's like I'm a consultant and I make great money and You would be amazing!
First of all, I am the girl that didn't go to "those parties" my friends had dragged me to one before and I was in the corner the whole time. I know, such a prude lol. Guess what? She asked me to go to a party to see how easy it was, and I went. I went because I was willing to do whatever it takes to reach my goal. My goal of keeping this house for my kids. I borrowed money for my kit and worked that business for 2 years and not only made money, friends, and many nights getting that sisterhood that I desperately needed and missed so much. Ultimately, I changed companies to a product that was very passionate about and I took my knowledge and experience and ran with it, I poured everything I had into this new business.
I worked my way up to the top level of the comp plan and I am 1 of 13 top leaders in our company. Have an amazing team of over 1000 women whom I get to help to grow their businesses every day. In addition, I not only saved my home but have remodeled it. I have also accomplished many more goals through this business like traveling, taking my kids on awesome vacations, upgrading my car and so much more. I am so thankful for this experience and I want all women to have this opportunity to have choices.

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